Since 2008 euro-star has been the proud sponsor of Laura Bechtolsheimer and her team. We are very happy with the cooperation between us. Together with Laura we have developed one of our most successful breech styles, which is of course called "LAURA". We wish  to congratulate Laura for her wonderful performance at the Olympics. She is a star in euro-star.
Albion Saddlemakers

Working closely with the Bechtolsheimer family for over 20 years, Albion was delighted to officially welcome Laura to their team in 2008. Over the years, as Laura’s international dressage career has become increasingly successful, Albion has helped to maximise the comfort and performances of Laura and her horses through the design, manufacturing and servicing of her technical competition saddles, KB bridles and accessories. The most recent addition to Laura’s Albion saddle collection is the Revelation Dressage Saddle from the Albion Couture House.

German safety manufacturer uvex are delighted and excited to announce their proud sponsorship and support of Laura Tomlinson. uvex is distributed by Zebra Products in the UK and Ireland and was established in 1926. As a market leader in protective equipment for all extreme adrenaline fuelled sports, the synergy between uvex and Laura is a fundamentally obvious choice for the brand. Both are looking forward to developing the partnership over the coming seasons.

Laura's Freestyle music is produced by Nicole Pendzich & Markus Huecking.
"We are proud to have worked with Laura and her family for several years - music and horses are our passion!"
Nicole Pendzich
Land Rover

"We are delighted to announce Laura as a new ambassador for the brand. She is a fantastic young British rider and encapsulates all the traits that are important to Land Rover – her style is elegant yet powerful and she goes Above and Beyond in competition.”
Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover UK